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Hydration Tube Clip


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  • High-quality, commercial grade hydration tube clip with piping attachment. Attach to the piping on your pack straps to secure your hydration tube. Also has a slot for webbing attachment. Sold individually. 

    Often paired with the Stealth Sternum Buckle to make a complete sternum strap system for your pack. 

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Material Acetal
    Size 5/8" (15 mm)
    Weight 2.3 grams/clip
    Units/pack 1

Customer Reviews

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hydration clip

Clip is too large for a camel back hydration tube. Tube won't come close to snapping into clip. Not sure if it's designed for other brands of hydration packs.

Hi Kristopher, I apologize for the problems you're having with the Hydration clip. Due to the varying sizes of hydration tubes, the use of insulating sleeves, etc. It is very difficult to pin down a "one size fits all" clip for hydration tubes. However there is a way for you to still utilize the clip if it doesn't fit your particular setup: Fill a coffee mug with 180-190 degree water, and add in the hydration clip. Let it sit for 10-15 seconds. CAREFULLY remove it, and form it around something smaller than the diameter of your tube. ( I used a wooden Pencil) Hold it in place for a few seconds until it cools. Try it on your tube. If necessary, repeat the process, around a smaller item if needed. We've successfully formed the clip in this manner to fit Osprey, and Camelback tubes, both with and without insulation sleeves. If you have any questions about this process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. -Justin