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HEXCAM Camo - Print On-Demand Fabric

$16.80 /yd

  $21.00 /yd

  • If you're looking for HEXCAM® Camo in a pattern or fabric we don't currently stock, Print On-Demand is the answer.

    Simply select your desired fabric and pattern above, then place your order. We'll fire up our printers and custom make the yardage just for you in a few short days using our in-house OutdoorINK print process.

    Fabric Availability - Note that not all fabrics/materials are available via print on-demand for HEXCAM camo at-present. As color samples are approved, we will be expanding the selection over time. If you have a specific material request, please let us know.

    NOTE - Please keep in mind fabric shrinkage and ink penetration when ordering all print on-demand fabrics. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via live chat or submit a help ticket.

  • We couldn't be more excited to work with the team at HEXCAM® USA to couple their unique line of camo patterns with our range of high-end fabrics! Read on below to get the HEXCAM® story. 



    The founders of HEXCAM® USA served and retired from the US Air Force elite TACP. Over their 40+ years of combined service, they've used a LOT of camo patterns. 

    Upon retirement, HEXCAM® was created out of a lifelong affinity for everything outdoors and keen observation of patterns that... wait for it... actually work in nature. The end goal was to create a highly functional pattern with utility in many different applications and environments.

    HEXCAM® patterns utilize nature's own honeycomb pattern, coupled with unique application of layers and shadows to create a 3D effect that provides the user superior camouflage both close-up and at long range. Very similar patterns are found on a variety of animals in nature, most prominently in reptiles and lizards.

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    For a side-by-side comparison of FRONT/BACK ink penetration, see this page.

    FABRICS UPDATE (updated 2/25/20) - Due to changes in our production line, digital print will be temporarily unavailable for the following fabrics: 1.9 oz PU Coated Ripstop Polyester.

    OutdoorINK Printed Fabrics Preview

  • Product Details
    Brand HEXCAM® Camo
    Fabrics Click  HERE  to view all our current print ready fabrics and materials.
    Colors/Patterns Adirondack, Blue Ridge, Himalayas, Makalu, Pike's Peak, Spectre, Wasteland, Pompei, 5-ECHO

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