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Fidlock V-Buckle Dual Adjust - 40mm


Fidlock V-Buckle Dual Adjust - 40mm



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  • Fidlock fasteners are based on one-of-a-kind, multi-award winning technology that revolutionizes traditional fastening systems.

    The V-BUCKLE was developed for use in situations where security is important. It opens by tilting the stainless steel flap outwards. Trick is, the greater the weight bearing against it, the more force is required to open it.

    This feature provides a built-in "self-securing" mechanism to the buckle. When reconnecting, the buckle "snaps" into place automatically with powerful magnets.

    This particular buckle is dual-adjustable, meaning there are slots for threading webbing on both ends.

    Perfect for packs, bags, or any application where a high-end, adjustable fastening system is desired.

  • Product Details
    Color Black
    Sizes 40 mm
    Material Nylon PA66-GF and stainless steel
    Load capacity N/A
    Weight 38 grams

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
These buckles are awesome!

Just what I needed for my tactical holster!

We're glad to hear that the buckles were perfect for your tactical holster! Happy making!

Andrew Miranda
A+++ Products and Service!

I initially ordered the 40mm Fidlock V-buckles but received smaller ones, but once I got in contact with support, they were able to send me the correct size in a timely manner for the Batman Premeire as the buckles were for my grapple gun holster! Thanks so much for the awesome product and the amazing help I got from the team!

Thanks for your review Andrew! We're glad we were able to make it right for you just in time for the Batman Premier. I remember seeing your design on Instagram that you tagged us in and it was EPIC, truly a work of art! We're glad the you could make RBTR apart of your magical creation!