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Challenge ULTRA™ 200

$28.00 /half yd

Challenge ULTRA™ 200

$28.00 /half yd

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    Update from Challenge: After feedback from thousands of packs in the field from many brands, we have decided to improve the bias strength and improve longevity of  Ultra by inserting a very thin, black  Ultra CrossPly yarn at 45 degrees to the warp. As of now, only White Lightning has been transitioned to the "X" variant, but others will be updated as they arrive.

    Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably heard the buzz around Ultra fabrics from Challenge Sailcloth - and for good reason.

    Ounce for ounce, Ultra fabrics are likely the strongest, most durable materials you can buy on the market today.

    If that wasn't enough, they're also insanely waterproof and seam tapeable. 

    Said another way, a project or product using Ultra can handle more abuse and ultimately last longer compared to using similar weight - or even significantly heavier - standard nylon and polyester

    Speaking of products, Ultra fabrics are already being used by some of the leading backpack and bag companies in the world such as Pa'lante Packs, LiteAF, and many more. 

    The performance of Ultra starts with the yarn that's used to weave it - UHMWPE

    Unlike all other generally available material options to date, Ultra combines a UHMWPE woven face with a laminated film backing to produce a fabric that has:

    • Extremely high tear and tensile strength
    • Maximal cut, abrasion, and wear resistance
    • Super high and long term waterproofing

    If you're interested in a full breakdown of the technical specs on Ultra, check out our fabric data sheet and/or read this article by Pa'lante Packs.

    Challenge Ultra 200 is a laminate fabric comprised of the following layers:

    - 200D UHMWPE/polyester plain woven face

    - 0.5 mil Recycled PET film backing

    If your application requires the lightest, strongest, most durable and waterproof fabric that you can possibly buy - this is it.

    Sold by the Half Yard. For example, enter a quantity of "4" to receive two linear yards of material, measuring two yards (72") in length by the listed width of the material (check specs tab).

  • Product Details
    Colors Black Magic, White Lightning (200X), Gravel Gray, Silverado
    Challenge product ID EPL 200 Ultra
    Width 56" (142.2 cm)
    Weight 3.5 oz/yd 2 (118.7 gsm)
    Tapeable? Yes
    Finish/Coating 0.5 mil RPET Film (Waterproof)

    (1) Actual material properties will vary. Values listed represent average values or estimates.

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Customer Reviews

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Great Product, Good range of Options

I have found that overall the material stands up to a beating, and has amazing strength to weight ratio. On that note, it is also very difficult to cut, scissors will not do… make sure you have a good snap-off knife and cutting mat, even a rotary cutter is not sufficient and will dull after a few cuts. I recommend this as the latest and greatest dealer-available material; to be used on backpacks, and accessories.

Kevin H
Challenge Ultra 200

This material is great! Made a pack, and I'm loving it. Nice look and feel, doesn't look like backpack material at all.

Thanks Kevin. Challenge Ultra 200 is an excellent pack material thats super lightweight and durable. We would love to see your pack if you're willing to share it with us on Instagram. Thanks again.

孝一 辻野


Ultra 200

Nice, light fabric. Sews easily, very pliable. Needs reinforcement for seams and other stress points. You could reinforce with an additional fabric layer/ webbing ( sewn through)/ or ultra tape. I will sew, oversew and tape or sew with binding tape. Maybe overkill, just hoping that the seams don't fail. I know people use it for packs, I prefer 400 for packs and use the lighter ones for chest/waist bags.

Thanks for sharing those tips Al! We're glad you found a fabric you love for packs and waist bags!


Challenge ULTRA™ 200

Thanks for your review Kevin! Enjoy the ULTRA 200!