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UHMWPE | Definition


UHMWPE is an acronym for Ultra-High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene

ul-tra  hī  mo-lec-u-lar  wāt  po-lē  eth-i-lēn


U ltra H igh M olecular W eight P olyethylene 

For people who aren't fiber science nerds, this normally refers to fibers like Dyneema® or Spectra®. 

Fabrics with UHMWPE fibers are known for having insanely high tensile strength. Dyneema® is touted to be 15x stronger than steel (when compared at equal weights). 

Other benefits of UHMWPE include... 

  • Highly Waterproof
  • Extremely abrasion resistant
  • Extremely tear resistant
  • No Stretch
  • High strength-to-weight ratio


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