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6.0 oz Flow Wicking Poly/Spandex - A-TACs iX Camo

$22.00 /yd

6.0 oz Flow Wicking Poly/Spandex - A-TACs iX Camo

$22.00 /yd

14 yards in stock

  • Lightweight wicking poly/spandex fabric in ATACs iX camo print.

    This fabric may be used for apparel that offers either a relaxed or snug fit, and it is a popular choice for tight-fitting compression tops for athletic, military and work wear apparel. Great option for ultralight backpack pockets and hiking accessories like gaiters, sweat bands etc.

    These attributes make this stretch fabric a common choice in applications including active uniform shirts, football and baseball workout gear, undergarments, swimwear, and rash-guards for surfing and other watersports.

  • A-TACS® camo patterns are quickly becoming the go-to concealment technology with various tactical professionals, law enforcement, and special operations personnel around the globe.

    Each A-TACS® camo pattern is designed to perform optimally in a certain climatic zone while utilizing both micro and macro patterns to conceal the user both up-close and at a distance. Read more about the A-TACS® camo patterns HERE.

    A-TACS iX camo in the field

  • Fabric Details
    Width 58'' (*56" guaranteed usable)
    Weight  ~6 oz/yd
    Denier TBD
    Weave Warp Knit
    Thread Count 84% Polyester - 16% Spandex
    Thickness TBD
    Print shrinkage (length) ~2-3%
    Print shrinkage (width) < 1%
    Finish/Coating Breathable with Moisture Wicking Finish
    Downproof N/A

Customer Reviews

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The Bearded Seamstress
Great fabric...

COLOR MATCHING is pretty flawless to the other ATACS IX but with the slightest bit of brightening (non-saturating/desaturating in color match and no color shifting; just slightly brighter).

ELASTIC NATURE stretches in all directions, unlike elastic webbing that only stretches or biases toward the direction of run. This is important for compression items like hiking pole sleeves, gun socks, etc.

VERY SOFT to the touch. Surprisingly so, but then again, I usually just deal in materials for camping gear.

DURABILITY seems quite competent for the task of clothing or retention pockets on a pack. Abrasion resistence will be high for clothing but low for backpack pockets. I made sure to keep it from being a prominent surface. No wear evidence so far, but I used it recessed near tougher material outcroppings...