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Two-tone w/ side panels

Here we have a couple two-tone gathered-end hammocks and stuff sacks that Shawn C. made custom for his kids. Pink/camo for his daughter and black/crimson for his son. These hammocks feature side-panels sewn on for extra width, similar to the commercially available hammocks from ENO, etc.

Thanks for submitting Shawn. I think you'll have two happy campers :). 


1.9 oz ripstop nylon - Black  - 4 yds
1.9 oz ripstop nylon - Crimson  - 4 yds
1.6 oz HyperD® - Woodland Camo  - 4 yds
drawcord (suggested 1.5 mm mini-cord)
cordlocks (suggested mini-cordlock)
thread (suggested Gutermann MARA 70)

How do I make it? 

For all things hammock, check out the DIY section of www.HammockForums.net. Do a quick search and find a number of threads that walk you through the steps of making a gathered-end hammock. 

DIY hammock

DIY hammock

DIY hammock

DIY hammock