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Stinger Winter Tarp

 From the maker:

"I want to share my winter  tarp project with you and the community. I call it the " Stinger  Winter  Tarp".  

The whole tarp , complete with 4 detachable doors + all the set-up equipment comes to ~740g or ~26oz.

I wanted to have doors, but also no doors, so I decided to make them detachable. I'm still a little bit undecided about the hook-up, but I have enough possibilities built-in. I also added a little channel above the tarp for the ridgeline. The tarp gets its tension from two pieces (left and right side) of cord which are a combination of a Prussic knot to the ridgeline and a soft-shackle. Altogether, I'm more than satisfied with the outcome on the first try.

Thanks a lot for the great materials!"

This is one the of the most striking tarps we've seen. Lots of detail and nice use of contrasting colors. Thanks for the submission!



For the tarp :
- 1.1oz Silnylon - Black - 10yds
- 1.1 oz Silpoly 2nd Gen - Blaze Orange - 5yds
- 3/8 Grossgrain Ribbon
- Seam Sealant (e.g. Silnet)

For the suspension, guy-line, etc.:
- 3/32'' Reflecitve Glowire
- 1/8'' Shockcord
- 1.9mm Techline (dyneema)
- 0.67 Noseeum Mesh
- 10 Ti Burly Tent Stakes 

How do I make it? 


stinger winter tarp with doors

stinger winter tarp doors removed

stinger winter tarp ridgeline detail

stinger winter tarp panel pull

stinger winter tarp ground tie-out

stinger winter tarp detachable doors