Shipping Time Update

This page was put together to give the most up-to-date shipping times possible before you order. With fluctuations in order volume and unexpected events, we can't guarantee shipping times, but we do want to provide the most accurate estimate possible. See below for current shipping times: 

Friday, 8/12/16 - Please see below for our current shipping lead times:

- In-stock orders typically shipping within 24 hours of order placement

- OutdoorINK® print on-demand orders shipping 1-2 days from order placement 

*Note that this shipping estimate applies to business days not including weekends and/or holidays. This estimate is valid until further notice. We will update this page ASAP if conditions change. Thanks!

Please contact us with any questions or if you have an urgent need. We will try to accommodate your request if at all possible. As always, thank you for your business.


- Kyle Baker
Owner, Ripstop by the Roll LLC