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Omnicolor Swatches - RGB Solid Colors

To help with selecting your color(s) for Omnicolor print on-demand fabric, DIY kits, and more, we've created the following visual color gallery. This page contains digital swatches of all 1260 RGB color options

If you're looking to get a good match to one of our existing stock colors, we've created a table to provide you with suggested Grid Coordinates from our color map. Keep in mind that exact shades could vary slightly between fabrics. See below:

Once you've picked out a color(s), head over to our Omnicolor products section to place your order. If you have questions, review our knowledge base or contact us. A member of our team will be happy to help!

NOTE - due to current system limitations, this color gallery is best viewed on a desktop or tablet instead of a mobile device. Please allow time for full page to load before scrolling and kindly excuse any temporary bugs/glitches. Thanks! 

For a full downloadable version of our new RGB Color Map, click here for columns A through N. And click here for columns  O through BB