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Kayak Cover

I also made a few kayak cockpit covers. These are to cover the cockpit hole of the kayak while not in use, keeping out water, leaves, and pesky spiders!  Love it.


-enough ripstop to cover the cockpit (1-2yds, depends on the size on your yak)
-1/8" shock cord 
-cord lock for shock cord

How do I make it? 

1. Put the fabric over the kayak cockpit leaving at least 3.5" around at every side. (1.9 olive drab ripstop, uncalendared, with DWR so it will breath)
2. Use shock cord (1/4" preferred, since you'll use it later) and wrap it around the cockpit lip to hold the fabric in place. Tighten fabric.
3. Using chalk (kids chalk), draw a line completely around the outer edge of the covered rim.
4. Remove the fabric, lay it out on a table, and draw a second circle around the first one, 3.5" larger.
5. Cut out the larger circle.
6. Cut a 2" slit on one side for the shock cord to go through. Peel back the 2 sides, pin, then sew.
7. Make a blind hem, rolling the fabric 7/8" 2 times. You should end up about 1/2" from the inner chalk circle, all the way around. Pin as you go. Do not cut the inner fabric to make it look "cleaner". Remember you have to feed the shock cord through it, so no sharp angles.
8. Sew all the way around. Remove pins.
9. Feed the 1/4 shock cord all the way through. Put a cord lock on it so it's adjustable.
10. You are done! Go put it on the yak before the spiders get ya!