Hammock with Integrated UQ

This is an 11' hammock made out of 1.1 Poly with an integrated underquilt. From the maker "I wanted something lightweight for moderate 3 season use that was inexpensive."


Climashield APEX 3.6  - 3 yds
1.1 Poly Ripstop  For Hammock Body - 4 yds
.66 MEMBRANE  For UQ Layer - 3 yds
Silk Blanket Binding 4" (2" width when folded)

How do I make it? 

For all things hammock, check out the DIY section of www.HammockForums.net. Do a quick search and find a number of threads that walk you through the steps of making a hammock with integrated underquilt.



Hammock with Integrated UQ