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Fulfillment Updates

Hey Guys,

As we move into the New Year, heavy order volume and COVID-19 continue to challenge our fulfillment and customer support teams. That said, we are actively working to restore normalcy through hiring additional staff, changing processes, and improving work flows - but please expect some delay in order lead time and support responses.  

See below for the most up-to-date information:

Fulfillment Update (as of 2/23/21, 12 PM EST)

Open orders - Will be fulfilled and shipped in roughly the order they were received. 

In addition, both USPS and FedEx are experiencing historic package volume and weather issues, causing additional delays during shipment. Your order may arrive later than the originally estimated delivery date.  

New orders - Please expect an approximate 3 -6 day estimated lead time from order placement to shipment. NOTE: Orders with DCF and XPAC might have additional lead times.

Just know that we're working extremely hard to answer your questions and get all orders shipped ASAP. We love you and thank you for your patience in advance.  

As always, if you need any help, check out our help center or let our team know

Have a great week,

Carter Holland
General Manager, RBTR