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Ep. 97 - Behind the Scenes of Reddit MYOG

In this episode, we talk with founder and creator of the r/MYOG community. If you're an MYOGer, then chances are that you've spent LOADS of time on this subreddit. (No shame here, we have too.) We wanted to dive into the makings and workings of this wonderful community that has cultivated such a wonderful place for us MYOGers.


  • Send in your MYOG Fail for Ep. 100!   https://ripstopbytheroll.com/myog-fails
  • The MYOG community is known for its helpful and welcoming culture, with a focus on sharing knowledge and assisting newcomers.
  • Documentation and open-source information are highly valued in the MYOG community, as they enable others to learn and create their own gear.
  • Trends in the MYOG community include a desire to lighten gear and a growing appreciation for durability and longevity.
  • Collaboration and the joy of seeing people enjoy the outdoors with gear they have made themselves are key aspects of the MYOG community.

00:00- Introduction and Thomas' MYOG Journey
02:03- The Culture and Atmosphere of the Reddit MYOG Community
04:10- The Growth of the MYOG Community and the Role of Moderators
06:03- The Challenges and Responsibilities of Moderating r/MYOG
08:09- Funny and Lighthearted Moments in the MYOG Community
10:34- Memorable Learning Moments and Mistakes in MYOG
12:37- Tools and Equipment in MYOG
15:17- Trial and Error in MYOG Projects
20:22- Emerging Trends and Techniques in MYOG
25:01- The Relationship Between MYOG and Ultralight Gear
27:48- The Most Essential DIY Tool in MYOG
31:18- Getting Started in MYOG and Available Resources
34:43- The Future of MYOG and the Importance of Open-Source Information
43:01- The Missing Fabric in the MYOG Market