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Ep. 94 - From Sewing to Spacewalks: Kjell Lindgren's Journey as DIYer and Astronaut


Kjell Lindgren recounts his journey into DIY gear-making, sparked by frustrations from his Boy Scout days and basic sewing skills acquired in elementary school. His DIY mindset was solidified during space station training, empowering him to craft gear for his sons' scouting trips. As a NASA astronaut, Kjell's maker mindset proves invaluable, enabling him to solve problems and repair equipment in space. Insights into life aboard the space station, challenges of confined living, water recycling, and spacesuit details are shared.


  • Kjell's interest in sewing and making his own gear started from his time as a Boy Scout and his frustration with waiting for someone else to put patches on his uniforms.
  • His DIY mindset was further influenced by his space station training, where he learned to fix things himself and became empowered to take on DIY projects.
  • Spacesuits require intricate sewing skills, and the first spacesuits were made by companies that specialized in women's clothing.
  • Materials used in space are often tough, light, and have antimicrobial properties.
  • Kjell has used his DIY skills to create personalized items for himself and his crewmates, such as drink bag insulators.

00:00- Introduction and Background
08:56- The Maker Mindset in Space
16:06- Challenges of Living on the Space Station
32:58- Spacesuit Creation and Sewing Skills
48:29- Gaining Perspective from Space
56:46- The Need for Affordable and Durable Fabrics