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Ep. 92 - Small Business, Big Mindset: Women's Roundtable

Join us in this episode as women in the MYOG community share their journey, tackling stereotypes and biases head-on. From challenging assumptions to promoting inclusivity, they delve into the unique hurdles faced by women in the outdoor industry. Discover the importance of representation in design, overcoming fit challenges, and supporting women-owned brands. Explore strategies for making outdoor gear accessible to all, pricing ethical products, and building a sustainable future through reducing, reusing, and recycling. With a focus on mentorship, collaboration, and driving positive change, this conversation inspires action and solidarity among women in the outdoors. Tune in for insights, excitement about upcoming projects, and a call for continued support in the journey towards a more inclusive outdoor community.



  • Inclusivity and representation are crucial in outdoor spaces and the design of outdoor gear.
  • Seeking advice and feedback from women is essential to create gear that fits and meets their needs.
  • Making outdoor gear more accessible requires addressing socioeconomic barriers and finding innovative solutions.
  • Creative collaborations can lead to innovative and impactful outcomes.
  • Embracing a small business, big mindset approach can drive positive change.
  • 3.4 oz Nylon Taslan/Supplex
  • Woman-owned Companies Directory
  • A HUGE Thank You to our guests


00:00- Introduction
01:14- Inspiration to Get into MYOG
25:22- Creating Inclusive Spaces
28:58- Lack of Inclusivity in Outdoor Spaces
29:45- Importance of Representation in Design
30:39- Seeking Advice and Feedback from Women
31:18- Challenges with Fit and Sizing
36:31- Promoting Women-Owned Brands
39:37- The Importance of Visibility and Representation
42:53- Changes in Outdoor Gear Design
50:25- Making Outdoor Gear More Accessible
53:40- Addressing Socioeconomic Barriers
01:01:28- Balancing Cost and Sustainability
01:07:01- Challenges of Pricing Ethical Gear
01:11:08- Thinking Big and Building Community
01:12:04- Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Recycle
01:13:02- Taking Small Steps to Make a Difference
01:13:30- The Importance of Mentorship and Collaboration
01:18:33- Collaboration and Creativity in the Outdoor Community
01:21:29- Celebrating Women and Collaboration
01:23:11- Exciting Projects and Collaboration
01:28:52- The Importance of Individual Actions
01:29:52- Small Business, Big Mindset