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Ep. 91 - The DIY Classroom: Inside Utah State's Product Design Program


In this episode, we talk with Chase from Utah State's Outdoor Product Design Program. They offer a unique curriculum that focuses on designing and developing outdoor products. The program helps students learn about important industry topics like sustainability, design, prototyping, material options, and more. Offering more than just hard skills, the program helps students cultivate the makers mindset through fostering creativity and curiosity.   

Chase's Podcast
-   Highlander Podcast


  • The senior projects and standout projects from students showcase their creativity and problem-solving skills.
  • The final show and exhibit provide an opportunity for the public to see the students' work and for companies to find new talent.
  • Job placements for graduates of the program are diverse, with opportunities in both outdoor and non-outdoor industries.
  • The Outdoor Recreation Archive is a valuable resource for exploring the history of outdoor gear and brands.
  • The Highlander Podcast features conversations with gear pioneers and provides insights into the outdoor industry.


00:00- Introduction and Background
02:27- Overview of the Outdoor Product Design and Development Program
06:09- Cultivating a Maker's Mindset
11:22- Curriculum and Classes
22:36- Staying Ahead of the Curve
31:05- Addressing Sustainability
36:08- Recommended Books
39:15- Senior Projects and Standout Projects
42:29- Final Show and Exhibit
44:11- Cost of Tuition
46:36- Job Placements
52:03- Impact of the Program on Gear
54:28- Outdoor Recreation Archive
01:04:07- Highlander Podcast