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Ep. 89 - How 3D Printing Transforms Your MYOG Adventure with Loop Alien

The guest today is a part of the RBTR family. Starting as Kyle's best friend back in their college days and now co-owning LoopAlien, Dr. Chris Page  is an affable character. If you want to hear about the early days of RBTR, hear about new hardware,  and the marriage of 3D printing with MYOG, then this episode is for you.  

  • Loop Alien is a hardware company that provides tools and kits to make outdoor activities easier and more accessible.
  • The design process for Loop Alien's products involves careful consideration of functionality, finishing, and material choice.
  • Loop Alien's focus on flatware design allows for cost-effective manufacturing and efficient use of materials. 
  • While 3D printing is becoming more accessible, it is important to be cautious when using 3D printed items for load critical applications.
  • The combination of 3D printing and RBTR fabrics offers opportunities for customization and innovation in outdoor gear.
  • The future of outdoor hardware lies in solving problems and addressing pain points, with an emphasis on user-driven innovation.
00:00- Introduction and Background

02:13- Early Days of Ripstop by the Roll

04:11- Background and Role of Chris

07:26- Formation of Loop Alien

09:55- Loop Alien's Products and Mission

19:14- Loop Alien's Design Process

23:55- Importance of Flatware in Loop Alien's Designs

27:25- Materials Used in Loop Alien's Hardware

31:07- The Cord Winder and Other Loop Alien Products

36:01- The Guideline Tensioner (GLT)

40:15- The Importance of Finishing in Loop Alien's Hardware

44:04- The Choice of Aluminum and Titanium in Loop Alien's Hardware

50:48- Customization and Material Properties in Composites

53:06- Limitations of 3D Printing for Load Critical Applications

54:25- Benefits of 3D Printing for Prototyping and Tinkering

55:54- Examples of 3D Printed Outdoor Gear

57:48- The Potential of 3D Printing and RBTR Fabrics

59:47- Innovative Uses of Magnets in 3D Printing

01:01:39- The Future of Outdoor Hardware and Problem Solving

01:03:06- The Role of 3D Printing in Democratizing Manufacturing

01:04:57- Recommended Resources for 3D Printing and Materials

01:06:20- Favorite Filament for 3D Printing

01:07:38- Target Demographic for Loop Alien Products

01:09:06- The Beginner Version of the Target Demographic