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Ep. 44 - Your Sewing Machine Needs

This week we are re-releasing episode 11 - Your Sewing Machine Needs: Ask A Mechanic.

Sewing machines are the backbone to making your own gear. In this episode, we talk about everything sewing machine-related. From cleaning/maintaining your machine, upgrading/technology, and everything in between.

Huge thanks to Aron from Capital Sew and Quilt for joining us on this episode.

Show Notes:

  • Fish Ski Designs
    • https://www.fish-ski.com
  • Polyester CSM 'Hypalon' - Release, Friday 5/26/22
  • Venom UL Stretch Mesh
    • https://ripstopbytheroll.com/products/venom-ul-stretch-mesh?variant=42453223211178
  • New Shipment of Dyneema Composite Fabrics
    • https://ripstopbytheroll.com/collections/fabrics-with-dyneema

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