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Ep 36 - Everyone Is Using This Stuff with Challenge Sailcloth


Challenge Sailcloth is a historic brand in the sailing industry. Recently (2020) they have entered the outdoor fabric market. Coming in with some very bold test claims, we wanted to get to the bottom of what Challenge Sailcloth was offering and how they got fabrics like these.

The managing Director at Challenge Sailcloth is Hale Walcoff. He is a deeply experienced textile engineer with efforts at many of the top textile brands. Our goal with this episode was to get in between the layers of Ultra and ECOPAK fabrics to understand how they meet their claims. There's no one better to talk to than the man who designed them.

ECOPAK and Ultra fabrics have gained a lot of attention because of their features. ECOPAK is the first FULLY recycled fabric. Ultra is claiming much higher durability than fabrics compared to its weight.

Products Mentioned:
Ultra 100
Ultra 200
Ultra 400
Ultra 800