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Customer Project: Red Dress Awareness Project

by St Joseph's College School Toronto

  • In Canada we are known to be polite and say sorry a lot, but we do have a dark side.  We have at least 1, 200 indigenous  women and girls murdered or disappeared and very little has been done to address it up to now. Our school has taken upon itself to create awareness of this issue through the symbol of the red dress. October the 4th has become an unofficial day to recognize these women and girls, by wearing/showing red in solidarity. We have used red nylon ( because water repellent properties, and it is easy to work with , adorn and or sew) to create dress shapes/symbols. Our dresses have decorated outside  the school and our larger travelling dress which has had endorsements from the community and our elected government officials continues to grow.  We are hoping as we create more awareness and educate the public more will be done to address the justice of this issue.​