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Customer Project: Robins Bliss

by Erin

  • I'm a student at Utah State University studying Outdoor Product Design and Development (yes, it's a thing now!). As the semester came to a close, I was looking for a couple of projects to tackle during the summer for fun. This is one of many projects I'll be embarking on.

    I decided to sew a hammock because the hammock I purchased a few years ago is really not comfortable. I was so perplexed - is it possible to 'hammock' incorrectly? With your netless hammock kit using uncalendared HyperD Nylon I sewed this in an hour. I had intended to use the hammock solo, but so far I've loaded it up with 290lbs. of happiness and it hasn't failed. Verrry impressed with this material!

    Next up, an ultralight waterproof windbreaker, tarp, hiking pants, bugnet, underquilt, etc. etc.

    Here's an Instagram post of the hammock in a nest of hammocks in the Sawtooths: https://www.instagram.com/p/BHaVlzahlbg/?taken-by=ah2oman