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Customer Project: Primary Color Packing Cubes

by Jocelyn R.

  • These packing cubes are a “reskinned” version of the original RBTR Packing Cube DIY Kits that I made custom for my parents and sister for a 2023 Christmas gift. I had originally purchased a RBTR Packing Cube DIY Kit in orange as my first-ever sewing project, but while I was working on the kit for myself, I had a more motivating idea to make a custom color combination of these packing cubes as a Christmas gift, using the DIY Kit’s fabric dimensions as a guide. I made 9 packing cubes total: the blue cubes are made with 1.5 oz MONOLITE in Moroccan Blue, and the red and yellow cubes are made with custom-printed OutdoorINK 1.0 oz MONOLITE in the K9 and Q1 colors, respectively. I also used 5/8” grosgrain to bind the inside edges, which gave the cubes some nice structure. I decided to purchase the zipper components and Gutermann Mara 50 thread off of RBTR. I have yet to finish my original DIY kit (lol) but now I have plenty of practice to finish the remaining three quickly :)