Customer Project: Chair Hammock / Gear Hammock

by Meandering Mason

Lightweight hammock to use as a chair and gear sling
I wanted to try my hand at making a hammock and I saw this hammock chair somewhere while browsing the interwebs.  It's pretty versatile. You can use it for the following:
  • Chair - set on side of the tree strap higher than the other side so you kind of lounge in it.
  • Gear sling - set it up on your guyline for tarp or bug net and throw all your gear in for easy access (or if you don't want it to be on the ground).
  • Kid hammock - very small child.  I think my 4 year old nephew would be able to sleep in this but my short 7 year old nephew might be uncomfortable.
The one I found online said you could use it as a pack cover, but I didn't used waterproof material.  It also said you could use it to be visible in high hunting areas if you use bright colored material and cover your pack with it. It makes sense but I'm not sure how you would cover your pack with the one I created.

Total weight 5.1 oz
Difficulty level: easy
AKA: I call this my baby hammock since it's a small hammock

Customer Project: Chair Hammock / Gear Hammock
Customer Project: Chair Hammock / Gear Hammock
Customer Project: Chair Hammock / Gear Hammock


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How do I make it?

Step 1: Cut material to your size liking. I decided on 5' x 50" but you can figure out if those dimensions work for you. That's the best part of MYOG! Originally I used the full width of the material, but I realized it wraps around me too much and wasn't as comfortable when sitting in it. I could probably get away with shaving off a few more inches off the width and it would still fit nicely.

Step 2: Hem the long sides. I folded it over twice so the raw each was not visible (on the inside of the roll). This gives it a polished/finished look but I think it might also help with strength as the cut edge is tucked in more. Not really sure, but I figured it can't hurt. I made the hem to be about 1/4" when it was done but my stitching was close to the open side of the fold.

Step 3: Make a channel at the top and bottom for connecting the suspension. Basically I did the same thing for the short sides as I did for the long sides, but I folded it down further to create the channel. I allowed for 5/8" for the seams but added an extra 2" for the channel (1" for each side of the channel). Do 3 rows of stitches to help secure the channel.

Step 4: Thread the Amsteel Loop though the channel. Secure with larks head knot.

Step 5: Add the multi-buckle on the end of the Amsteel Loop.

Now hang it and feel comfy in your new MYOG baby hammock! Try and figure out what else you can use it for. I'm all about multi-use items in my pack.