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Customer Project: Boxed Underquilt 15F

by Zach Scofield

  • This quilt is built using a boxed construction with double layer Climashield 3.6 oz. insulation.   This allows the insulation to loft to its full potential.  The channels are made of doubled up 1.1 oz. ripstop nylon and the side channels are reinforced with 1.5" Gros Grain for a bit of extra strength.  2 extra tie outs on the side channels allow for connection to a ridge line or for conversion to top quilt mode. For the end cinch channels I used the doubled 1.1 oz ripstop again with double squeeze stoppers. I added 5 additional 3/8" Gros Grain tie outs.  The primary suspension runs full length and I used a 20' section of 1/8" shockcord with a single standard cordlock on one end.  For the secondary suspension I used a line loc 3 at each corner and some 1/8" shockcord.  The suspension connects to my hammocks carabiners.

    Finished dimensions:
    74" x 51" including channels.
    71" x 47" insulated portion.

    Weight w/out stuff sack:  32.24 oz.
    Weight w/ stuff sack: 34.08 oz.

    Stuffs to 8" x 12" and could be compressed further.