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Customer Project: Backpack Pullouts

by Mountain Man 61

  • For years I've have just stuffed all my gear into my pack, like a bank robber with cash, only to not know where things are located and begin with the long dig to the center of the earth.  Stuff sacks are great for big things but when you have a lot of small things, you end up digging again, like the pack for things.  What I wanted was a zipper bag solution to be able to hold small things that I could easily see when I opened it, then I saw what I wanted to make on Kifaru's website ( https://store.kifaru.net/mobile/ultralight-pullouts-p22.aspx).

    Having never installed a zipper I leveraged the following site.

    Note: This backpacking pouch is intended to be highly functional with strong durability at a low weight.  Ultralight materials can be substituted as you see fit.