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Customer Project: Ariel Black Insulated Hammock

by Shawn Clark

  • In keeping with my other integrated hammocks I thought it was time to try out a bridge hammock. The design is Grizz's Ariel. (youtube Ariel bridge hammock for his excellent build and also see his Trickin out the Ariel video)

    I continue to experiment with insulation and thought I would try Primaloft Gold from RSBTR. In comparison to Climashield it is much more compressible and more supple to the feel. Also more expensive. I used Primaloft Gold 6 and made the insulation 66 inches long and 36 inches wide. Basically from spreader bar to spreader bar which for my 6 foot tall frame is more than adequate as a diy pillow acts as head insulation. I have included photos and a .pdf build.