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Customer Project: APEX Climashield Synthetic Quilt Realtree

by James Voss

  • I have an excellent Enlightened Equipment 20 Enigma quilt with 3 oz of overstuff that I added myself. I sleep warm and I'm a huge unabashed fan of layering quilts and or bags so I wanted a quilt that would be very comfortable from about 72f down to about 45f. I also wanted this quilt to be a perfect fit over my Enigma 20. This allows me to lay them both out and sleep on top of the Enigma and under the APEX until the night cools down, then I can just slip into the Enigma and fold back the APEX until it gets serious. Additionally, the APEX quilt is awesome for cool nights when you don't need the 20f quilt. I am weight conscious, but not a complete fanatic so I don't mind carrying a bit more weight to have the flexibility of the two quilts when weather warrants or I'm just unsure what I'll need. We overland in our Jeep as well as backpack, so weight, size and flexibility are always a key consideration when selecting gear.