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Customer Project: 3 season Apex Top Quilt

by Zach Scofield - Scofield Industries

  •      This is a Top Quilt I made for shoulder season use with a single layer of 3.6oz. Climashield Apex insulation.  It uses a sewn foot box design.  Being a Hot sleeper I found I am able to use this quilt into the mid-high 20's with wool socks, fleece pants & top.  I believe with a 3.6oz. footbox insert I can bring it to the low 20's in conjunction with my 15F boxed underquilt.  I see no reason why I cannot sleep comfortably at 40 in shorts and t-shirt.  
         The quilt measures out to a finished width of 56" wide at the shoulders.  It maintains this width to the hips where the quilt tapers to 48" at the feet.  The foot box is a rectangular shape and is large enough for a size 11-12 foot.  Its a bit wider as I like to have some room for my feet.  I sewed the quilt up 15" to the mid - top of my calves.  the overall length comes in at 72" which brings the quilt comfortably to just under my nose when cinched and allows for enough coverage on my shoulders in the hammock.
         The quilt has a drawstring cinch along the top edge using 1/8" shock-cord and retained double squeeze stoppers at each side.  I also added a 1/2" Gros Grain tab on each side that has a snap installed to close the quilt around the neck for really cold nights.  It has qty. 3, 3/8" Gros Grain loops down each side of the quilt spaced at 12" apart to help secure under a pad if desired.  It also has a single loop at the foot end for hanging the quilt.  
         The quilt weighs in at 1.25lbs (20 oz.).  It easily stuffs to 6" x 10" and could be compressed more if needed.  Maybe I'll make a Sil-poly stuff sack at a later date.