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Customer Project: 15 Degree Down Top Quilt

by Alex Artz

  • I have just completed my handmade down quilt project, using all fabrics and hardware from RBTR.  I needed a lightweight quilt for 3 season use, that could still take me down to cold temperatures.  I do most of my backpacking in the Wind River Mountains in Wyoming, where it dips down below freezing most nights throughout summer.  I used 1.1 oz ripstop nylon for the shell, and made the quilt the full width of the fabric, and about 79 inches long.  Once it is all sewn together this leaves a finished size that I can pull all the way over my head, and is more than roomy enough to toss and turn.  My next project will be another lighter topquilt for warmer temperatures, and for layering in the winter.