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Customer Project: 0 Quilt

by Evan Sharp

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BNX_xdcoGPvDkP9CctgbeQYy0U3k-qs3/view?usp=sharing

    I made an 800fp down quilt with 3" baffles that should work down to near 0F, has had me still sweating in 25F. It is oversized to fit me and the wife, or to fit me very comfortably. It is 66" by 76", weighs in at 26oz. I have a few unique designs such as:
    -  the chevron baffling with slotted mesh to allow down to travel except for a solid border separating the top and bottom halves
    - a foot plug that solves the drawstring footbox problem perfectly (no idea why nobody has done this before). This allows the quilt to wrap around a hammock completely at its size and seal the foot gap with the plug, meaning there is no need for both top and bottom quilt.
    - A 12" waterproof zipper to allow for addition or removal of down any time. Slotted mesh allows a pipe to feed down to any part of the quilt.
    - Draft collar, drawstring top, sides and bottom to allow for better insulation and fit

    I have posted my blueprints in the google doc above so that anybody who wants to try my design can do so for free. I only added ~20oz of down so with the 2lbs I have in the pricing I have almost another lb leftover for my other projects.