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Choosing How to Send Fabric

Cut and Folded

This is our standard method of packing and shipping your fabric.

We'll cut and fold each material into a small package, much like you would a blanket. For cuts larger than 1 yd, we'll leave a free end so you can easily unfold and cut off only what you need. 

Choose this method if you want the least expensive shipping cost and don't care about possible wrinkles/creases in the fabric.

CONTINUOUS CUT POLICY - Please carefully review our policy on continuous cuts before placing an order.

  cut and folded fabric example

On a Roll (+$10 and exact shipping)

In this method, your fabric is rerolled onto a sturdy core. This can make working with large quantities of fabric much easier.  

Due to bulk, exact shipping costs will be charged.

You pay no shipping charges at checkout, then we send you an electronic invoice for the lowest cost shipping method (USPS priority or FedEx Ground/Home Delivery) once your order is packed and ready. 

Choose this method if you prefer/require the convenience of having fabric on a roll over the absolute lowest shipping cost. Typically chosen by those ordering large quantities of fabric or working in production environments.