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1" Dyneema® Repair Tape


1" Dyneema® Repair Tape


80 sections in stock

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    1" strip of DCF/Cuben Fiber material with adhesive on one-side.

    Use for repairing punctures/tears and seam sealing sections of   Dyneema ®  Composite Fabric. This repair tape makes it easy to fix small tears or puncture holes from inside your stuff sack, backpack, tent, or any other gear made from DCF. 

    To apply the repair tape, turn the pack, tent, stuff sack, or other fabric inside out and apply a piece of the repair tape to the inner lining of the fabric. Lay the fabric as flat as possible and use a flat rolling pin or similar device to smooth out the patch on top of a hard, even surface. The repair tape patch will set and cure at room temperature after several hours.

    Sold in pre-cut, non-continuous 1 yd sections. For example, buying a qty of "2" 1 yd sections will result in two separate 1 yd sections.

    Dyneema® is a trademark of Avient Corp. Use of these trademarks requires approval from Avient. 

  • Product Details
    Color Clear/transparent
    Width 1''
    Weight N/A
    Finish/Coating None

Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Sue E C
Waterproof seam tape uses

My readymade bicycling rain pants needed to be altered to fit a shorter/ wider body. I was able to narrow the lower leg and use this fabric to insert a crotch gusset allowing better range of motion. The seam tape assured waterproof altered seams.
We're not all 'model shaped' so this was a quick fix until I perfect a custom pattern.... Then I'll be back for a pants kit!

Thanks for leaving a great review Sue! We love modifying our gear to fit us perfectly! This is a great use of this tape and we hope you had a great time using it.

Joe Schlottman
Awesome Tape

This tape is great and pretty easy to work with. An absolute necessity if you’re making anything out of DCF and want your seams to be waterproof. Just wish they could keep it on the shelf for longer than 24 hours.

Hey Joe! Thanks so much for your review. The DCF tape does go quickly, we are working hard to get our quantities back up. Thanks for being patient with us!

Richard Hogan

1" Dyneema®/Cuben Fiber repair tape

Thanks for your review Richard!

Just what I needed

I cut the mesh bladder bag out of my HMG Southwest. This left a line of seam holes down both sides where it was attached. The Dyneema repair tape was not only easy to apply, but disappeared once it was in place! One 4-day trip in the books, the tape seems to be holding in place!

Awesome! Glad this tape could help repair your bladder bag. Thanks for the review Colin!

Ryan Castle
Cuben Fiber tape

Repaired a hole in a dyneema stuff sack, tape is still sticking well!

Thanks for the review Ryan. We think this dyneema tape is pretty awesome! Should definitely help extend the life of your stuff sack. Enjoy!