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Zing-it/Lash-It - 180 ft Mini-Spools


Zing-it/Lash-It - 180 ft Mini-Spools



  • Zing-it®/Lash-It® is high strength, lightweight line made out of Dyneema fibers. The proprietary Samthane® coating extends the wear life and ensures knot-holding capability.

    Typical applications include tarp/tent guyline, hammock ridgelines, and accessory cord. 

    Sold in 180 ft mini-spools. Also sold in 25' sections and Full Spools. 

  • Product Details
    Color Yellow/Red/Blue - Zing-It®, Gray - Lash-It®
    Material Dyneema fiber
    Diameter 2.2 mm and 1.75 mm
    Break strength (avg)

    650 lbs - 2.2 mm

    500 lbs - 1.75 mm


    0.8 grams/ft - 2.2 mm

    0.6 grams/ft - 1.75 mm

Customer Reviews

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I use Zing-it I many ways: hammock, like a strong rope, on a reel tied to my plug-knocker. It is small diameter and super unbreakable. I celebrate Ripstop by the Roll. Blessed me for years.

Hey Timothy! We're glad to know you love the Zing-it and have found many uses for it! We were concerned when you saw you left us a 1-star review, hopefully, that was a mistake! Thanks for being a customer :)

正三 前田

Zing-it/Lash-It - 180 ft Mini-Spools

Thanks for leaving us a review! Enjoy the Zing-it!

Josh C.
Excellent Quality. Diameter is smaller than I realized.

Bought this for the hammock setup. Made a few Prusiks and ended up using it for some draw strings for ditty bags as well. Works great. I will point out that the 1.75mm stuff is a pain to splice. It's just super narrow and the roll I got was tight as well. I recommend this for what it does, but if you're going to be doing continuous loops and lots of splices I would probably get the 2.2mm.I'll be using it extensively for lashings and ridgeline hanging points etc. though as it does a great job and is super light weight.

Thanks for your review and helpful tips Josh!

Damian Degus
Zing-it/Lash-It - 180 ft Mini-Spools

Great price, excellent cordage. Thanks!

Thank you for leaving us a review! Let us know if you have any questions about future projects, we're here to help!

William Huguelet
2.5 oz climashield

Used 2.5 oz climashield for top quilt and 3/4 underquilt. 1oz calendared Hyper D exterior, 1 oz ripstop nylon interior. Tried with Hyper D hammock on the AT mid July. Very comfortable with nighttime temperatures in the low 50s at 5000ft+ elevation.

Thanks so much for the review William! That sounds like a great summer quilt. We'd love to see photos of what you made, here is a link if you'd like to share.


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