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1.5 oz MONOLITE™ Ripstop Nylon Mesh - Full Roll



1.5 oz MONOLITE™ Ripstop Nylon Mesh - Full Roll



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    NOTE - This is a full roll of 1.5 oz MONOLITE™ Ripstop Nylon Mesh (125 yds). Looking for smaller amounts? Click HERE for sales by the yard. 

    Ultralight woven fabrics are great for quilts and garments. But durability can take a nosedive for stressing applications like hammocks and bags.

    Compared to our original   1.0 oz MONOLITE, this heavier version is:

    • Much stronger with higher tear/tensile strength  using a 30D yarn and a custom woven, double (2x) ripstop grid
    • More durable with increased abrasion resistance and less thread slippage (i.e. it's less prone to forming thin spots or holes)
    • Slightly less breathable  since it's thicker/heavier

    Used as a woven fabric, it's strong plus much more resistant to snagging and abrasion than fabrics of similar weight.

    As a mesh, it blows away traditional options like our 0.9 oz Noseeum. It's stronger, way more durable, and still quite breathable with a CFM over 850 (full data sheet here). 

    Whether used as a fabric or mesh, it's stiffer with more structure than your typical fabric in this weight range. This makes it a lot  easier to sew.

    Typical applications for MONOLITE include lightweight hammocks*, bugnetting, tent screens, stuff sacks, lightweight bags, or garment lining material.   

    *When used as a hammock, we recommend a comfort rating of 300 lbs. 

  • Product Details 
    Width ~63'' 
    Weight  1.5 oz/yd 2
    Denier 30D 
    Finish/coating Breathable with C6 DWR

    No. For more in-depth product info check HERE to see our full product data sheet.