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Polartec® 100 Micro Fleece 7366US

$22.00 /yd

Polartec® 100 Micro Fleece 7366US

$22.00 /yd

399 yards in stock

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    There's a reason the world's top brands, designers, and makers trust Polartec®. 

    When it comes to synthetic fleece, nobody does it better than the original inventors. Imitators have tried for years, but  all of them have failed to match the gold standard of quality and consistency found in the original Polartec fleece.

    We're excited to be working directly with Polartec to produce custom fabrics and unique colors that you won't find anywhere else!

    The 100 series is known for lightweight warmth with next-to-skin comfort and perspiration management. Said another way, it's really soft and wicks your sweat away.  

    In addition, premium polyester yarns naturally repel moisture and speed up dry time. The lofted fleece structure creates thermal air pockets to retain warmth while also allowing optimal breathability.

    Typical applications include pullovers (fall, summer, spring), pajamas, beanies, and other lightweight apparel. Polartec code 7366US, 87% recycled polyester content.

    Sold by the linear yard. For example, enter a qty of "2" to receive two linear yards of fabric. *IMPORTANT* up to 10 yds guaranteed continuous cut. Any orders above 10 yards will be split.

  • Product Details
    Color Cool Gray
    Width 68" (172.72 CM)
    Weight 4.1 oz/yd 2  (139.01 g/m 2)
    Tapeable No
    Bondable No
    Thread/Needle Recommendations: Serger Highly Recommended, Thread: Tera 80 / Tex 35, Mara 70 /Tex 40
    Needle: (Universal) 80/12, 90/14
    Finish/Coating Velour/Fleece,