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Venom™ UL Stretch Mesh ECO

$18.00 /half yd

Venom™ UL Stretch Mesh ECO

$18.00 /half yd

133 half yards in stock

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    Not all stretch mesh is created equal.

    Standard stretch mesh fabrics are made out of basic nylon or polyester, with some elastic thrown in to provide the stretch. This is fine, but like everything else, there's always a way to turn "standard" into something far better.

    Venom™ UL Stretch Mesh ECO is different for two reasons:

    1. 100% Recycled Nylon - This fabric performs better, but it's also more sustainable for the environment. For the first time in a stretch mesh, we're using 100% recycled nylon base yarn produced from pre-consumer waste. Instead of creating more stuff, we're taking what already exists and turning it into something new.
    2. UHMWPE ripstop - Using a UHMWPE ripstop grid takes this stretch mesh from standard to extraordinary with significantly higher abrasion and cut resistance compared to nylon or poly alone. This means less snags, fewer holes, and a longer lifespan wherever you use it.

    Lastly, at a weight of just over 5.0 oz per square yard, it's the lightest, most durable stretch mesh that we offer. Not only us, but it's one of the only stretch materials like it on the market. 

    If you want an environmentally friendly, technical stretch fabric built for applications that require maximum durability and cut resistance, this is your choice.

    Typical uses include backpack pockets, clothing (jackets/pants/etc) pockets, gear bags, etc.

    Sold by the Half Yard. For example, enter a quantity of "4" to receive two linear yards of material, measuring two yards (72") in length by the listed width of the material (check specs tab).

  • Product Details
    Colors Black/White
    Yarn Content 66% Nylon 6.6, 21% UHMWPE, 13% Lycra
    Width ~45'' (114.3 cm) 
    Weight   ~5.1 oz/yd 2 (172.9 gsm)
    Tapeable No
    Bondable No
    Thread/Needle Recommendations: Thread: Tera 80/Tex 35, Mara 70/Tex 40
    Needle: (Universal) 80/12, 90/14
    Finish/Coating DWR, 4-Way Stretch
    OutdoorINK No

    (1) Actual material properties will vary. Values listed represent average values or estimates.

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Excellent product

It’s definitely my go to now. You have to use a razor blade to cut it.

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