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Venom™ UL Stretch Mesh

$18.00 /half yd

Venom™ UL Stretch Mesh

$18.00 /half yd

893 half yards in stock

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    Not all stretch mesh is created equal.

    Standard stretch mesh fabrics are made out of basic nylon or polyester, with some elastic thrown in to provide the stretch. This is fine and works well, but like everything else, there's always a way to turn "standard" into something far better. 

    Venom™ UL Stretch Mesh is different for two reasons:

    1. Nylon 6.6 vs Nylon 6 - Instead of the more common nylon 6, we start with a base of high-tenacity nylon 6.6. This costs more, but makes the fabric stronger and more abrasion resistant. It also helps the fabric to retain its shape over time as it gets stretched over and over. 

    2. Ultra PE (UHMWPE) ripstop - Using an Ultra PE ripstop grid increases the abrasion resistance even further, while also making the fabric cut resistant - think sharp rocks and pointy things. 

    Lastly, at a weight of just 5.0 oz/yd 2, it's the lightest, most durable stretch mesh that we offer. 

    If you want a high-end, technical stretch fabric built for applications that require maximum durability and cut resistance, this is your choice. 

    Typical uses include backpack pockets, clothing (jackets/pants/etc) pockets, gear bags, etc.

    This fabric was originally developed by Palante Packs. It's the same "Ultra Mesh" that they use in many of their ultralight backpacks. 

    Sold by the HALF YARD. Please enter a whole number of half yards in the box up top. For example, if you want 7 yds total, enter "14" in the half yard box.

  • Product Details
    Colors Black/White
    Yarn Content 66% Nylon 6.6, 21% UHMWPE, 13% Lycra
    Width ~45'' (~114.3 cm) 
    Weight   ~5.0 oz/yd 2 (169.53 g/m 2)
    Tapeable No
    Bondable No
    Thread/Needle Recommendations: Thread: Tera 80 / Tex 35, Mara 70 /Tex 40
    Needle: (Universal) 80/12, 90/14
    Finish/Coating DWR, 4-Way Stretch
    OutdoorINK No

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Hard to cut, but easy to sew.

It was hard to cut, but easy to sew. So I think it will be durable.

You definitely need sharp scissors when cutting the mesh but it makes for great gear! Enjoy!

John P
Tough as nails!!

I installed Venom UL mesh to the outside of a backpack I made and could not believe how strong it is when I cut it! My sharpest scissors and a new rotary cutter had their work cut out for them. It sews really nicely though and will be a huge improvement over the typical stretch mesh.

Having a sharp or new blade is key to cutting this mesh! It is beefy but once you get through it, it's awesome. A hot knife will also work if you have one in your tool kit. Enjoy!

So far, very cool!

I bought this to do some experimental pockets on a pack I’m building. I have wanted to relocate my water bottle below the pack for ease of grab while walking, but needed something durable enough to bear setting on the ground. I think this may be the ticket!

We are glad you found just the right fabric! We'd love to see your creation, be sure to tag us on social media!

Faison Cochrane
Great alternative to dyneema mesh

I like this stuff. I have put it on several backpacks and people seem to really like it. Cheaper and lighter than dyneema, and also reversible. Well done ripstopbytheroll

Thanks for your review Faison! We're glad to know people are enjoying it on their packs, it's been awesome to hear the feedback on this new fabric, thanks again!

Willie S.
Non-restrictive durable reinforcement.

Lightweight abrasion resistance which will stretch with body movement. It is permeable to air, aiding comfort. Well worth your consideration!

Thank you for leaving a review WIllie! It sounds like you've gotten some good testing done with the Venom UL Stretch Mesh! We'd love to see what you've created with it, here is a link if you'd like to share https://forms.gle/P4EHrfiWJ5kajdrE8