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OutdoorINK Print On-Demand Fabric - Dyneema® Composite



  • NOTE: Our custom upload system is currently being revamped and will be offline for a short period of time. We'll be releasing a vastly improved and streamlined system. Thanks for being patient with us during this transition! 

    Any color. Any design. Unlimited creativity...

    This is OutdoorINK - the world's first digital print on-demand capability for outdoor gear fabrics. Now available for the first time on ultralight Dyneema® Composite Fabrics!

    Developed specifically for the DIYer and small business owner, OutdoorINK combines high-end fabrics and materials with wide-format digital printing

    Simply choose your Fabric, then select a Design or Upload your own custom file. All applicable options will be shown depending on your selection.  

    We'll custom print your order at our Durham, NC USA headquarters in just a few days, then ship it to your door!

    CUSTOM UPLOAD INFO - Uploading a custom file for printing doesn't have to be scary. That's why we send you a proof for approval BEFORE printing any custom upload order.

    Our professional artist will review your order, then email you a layout proof so you can see exactly what your fabric/kit will look like when printed. At that point, you can APPROVE the order or ask for changes.

    Dyneema® is a trademark of DSM. Use of these trademarks requires approval from DSM. 

    NON-CONTINUOUS PRINT - All OutdoorINK ® print on-demand Dyneema Composite Fabrics are sold in sheets of various size (e.g. 36" x 54"). These are printed individually and NOT CONTINUOUS. For example, if you order a qty of "2", your order will be printed and shipped as two separate sheets of DCF material. 

    RETURNS - Unlike standard fabrics, all print on-demand products are printed custom just for you. That being said, we do not accept ANY returns/exchanges on these items outside of material and/or print flaws.

    If you have questions or need help with anything at all, please check out our knowledge base or don't hesitate to contact our team prior to ordering. 

    OutdoorINK logo


  • We currently offer OutdoorINK printing on the following Dyneema® Composite Fabrics:

    1.0 oz DCF  (CT2K.18)

    1.43 oz DCF (CT5K.18)

    2.92 oz DCF Hybrid ( CT5K.18/wov.32c)

    5.0 oz DCF Hybrid ( CT5K.18/wov.32c)

    The digital print process works best on any "K" variants of DCF containing thicker mylar layers OR hybrid fabrics with a woven polyester face.  

  • OutdoorINK printing on Dyneema® Composite Fabric is offered in two sizes:

    19" x 24" 

    36" x 54" (i.e. Full Linear Yard)

    Here's a pic to show you the relative size of these two options...

    Size comparison - Printed DCF

    Due to the unique nature of the print process for Dyneema® Composite Fabric, all prints are done non-continuously.

    This is an active choice by us to ensure that all printed Dyneema consistently meets the highest levels of quality that we demand for both performance and color.  

    Size options shown indicate the guaranteed usable area of printed Dyneema that you will receive. For example, when you select the 36" x 54" size, you will receive a sheet of Dyneema® printed with a  guaranteed usable print area of 36" x 54".

  • Click HERE to view OutdoorINK print design galleries.

    OutdoorINK Design Gallery Preview

  • COMING SOON... We know many customers are looking to print a sample before buying full amounts of yardage, so we're working on a product page to allow just that! 

    Thanks in advance for your patience!

    OutdoorINK Print On-Demand Sample Swatch

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Hi Levi, Thanks for the review! It was a great print, I'm glad you're happy with it!
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