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Dog Leash Kit

$14.00 /kit

Dog Leash Kit

$14.00 /kit

  • Dogs love people, not leashes and collars.

    Help your dog hate their leash a little less by making them one from our DIY Dog Leash Kit.

    Unlike the generic, mass-produced stuff at the store, this kit is available in cool colors and printed patterns. It's also SUPER EASY to make at home, even for beginners.

    Like all of our kits, the Dog Leash Kit comes with everything you need from webbing to pre-packaged components (*except needle/thread). This means minimal decision making and best of all,  no wasted materials.

    Here's a rundown of what you'll get:

    Material (choose color/pattern above)
    - 7 feet of 1" Polyester Webbing 1500 lbs

    - 1" Metal Snap Hook

    - 1" Metal D-ring

    Your dog wants a collar that doesn't suck - so buy this DIY Dog Leash Kit and make them one.

    Note - We designed the Dog Leash Kit to pair perfectly with our Dog Collar Kit. Grab them both and become your dog's new best friend.

  • Product Details
    Colors Black, Blaze Orange, Olive Drab, Coloring Book, Starry Night, Trout Doodle
    Materials 1" Polyester Webbing 1500 lbs
    Finished Size (*approx) ~6 feet
    Finished Weight (*approx) ~90 grams (3.2 oz)
  • We've put together a detailed,   step-by-step  video that shows you how to make your own Dog Leash. Watch it below!