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What are remnants?

 Remnants are leftover fabric pieces created by our order fulfillment team whenever we hit a splice in a roll, accidentally miscut a given length, or we run into minor flaws in the fabric itself. They are an unavoidable problem for us, but a bonus for you! All of these pre-cut pieces are available at a discounted price, making for some great savings for your next project.

Remnants are divided up into 1st and 2nd quality groups. First-quality fabrics are usually created when we hit a splice in a fabric roll or we "oops" and have a miscut.

Seconds, or second quality, remnants are pieces that don't pass our quality screening for various reasons. Any second quality fabric we sell on our site is still guaranteed to be 100% functional. If there is a flaw that compromises the fabric's ability to perform, we do not put it in our outlet.

All remnants are sold   as-is  and ship cut and folded. We are unable to put remnants on a roll. We also will not alter the remnant in any way before shipping. If you order a 15-yard remnant, you will receive a continuous 15-yard folded piece of fabric.   We cannot cut it into smaller sections for you.


What makes a fabric "second quality"?

There are many reasons a fabric might not pass our quality screening. We divide the 2nds up into two sub-groups: Cosmetic and Functional.

Cosmetic seconds are fabrics that are 100% functional, but might have something that just doesn't look right. Examples include discolorations, minor weaving flaws, marks or writing, lines or streaking.

We have very strict standards for our quality inspections, so often times, we'll have remnants marked "2nds" that are really difficult to see. A single mark or spot may cause a full 4-yard remnant to be marked "2nds". The pictures below are examples of the more obvious ones you may find.

  68650657_1231144317009779_2091748282601570304_n.jpg 68397978_707256549737574_694411940209885184_n.jpg 67809733_357968528481205_7036242885775196160_n.jpg 67908437_416604668952536_4650155202979037184_n.jpg


When do you add more to the site?

We try to replenish the site a couple times a week as they become available. While we cannot guarantee any particular type of fabric that will be added, we do our best to provide a variety based on what remnants we have. For example, we never want your entire remnant selection to consist solely of 300 pieces of purple 1.1 oz Silnylon... :)

Remnants are sold on a "First-come, First-served" basis with a rotating inventory. In other words, there is no way we'll be able to guarantee that sweet 4-yard hot pink 1.6 oz HyperD remnant you've had your eyes on will be available again.

If you're worried about missing out, consider signing up for our   Remnant VIP Club  to be the first to know when new remnants are available. Use the link below to get your name added to the list:



What is the Remnant VIP Club?

Checking the site daily to see if new items are added can be a pain. And what if you check it at noon, then at 2 PM we post a huge list of new remnants? To avoid that fear of missing out and free up your time from daily checks, we created a VIP list. All you have to do is go to our sign-up page to be put on the list.

As soon as remnants are added, an email will go out to everyone on that list announcing there are new selections available. There's a link in the email that takes you straight to the remnant page if you want to check out what we added.