1.1 oz MTN Silnylon - Waterproof/Lightweight - Ripstop by the Roll

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1.1 oz MTN Silnylon 6.6 XL

$12.50 /yd
Charcoal Gray
Dark Olive
Vader Blue
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  • The Mountain Series is quite simply a collection of the highest performance fabrics/materials on earth. If you're searching for the best, this is it. 

    Our 1.1 oz MTN Silnylon XL is designed to be nothing short of the lightest, strongest, most waterproof Silnylon on the planet. We start with a sheet of super strong 30D Nylon 6.6 yarn, add a ripstop grid, then finish with the highest quality 100% silicone coating known to man. 

    The result is a Silnylon with insanely high tear strength, > 3000 mm waterproof rating, and finished weight of just 1.3 osy (click HERE to see full specs).

    The 1.1 oz MTN Silnylon XL is a great fit for projects/products that require the absolute best combination of weight, durability, strength, and long-term waterproofing. Typical applications include tarps, tents, ponchos, gear sacks, pack covers, or any application where high performance waterproof/windproof fabric is needed.

    Want to quickly compare all our lightweight coated/non-breathable fabrics? Check out the "Fabric Comparison Guides" on our FAQ page. (*MTN series to be added soon)

  • Product Details
    Colors Vader Blue, Coyote Brown, Charcoal Gray, Dark Olive
    Width ~63-64'' usable 
    Weight  1.1 oz/yd 2 (*1.3 oz/yd 2 with silicone coating)
    Denier 30D x 30D
    Yarn Nylon 6.6 high-tenacity
    Finish/Coating Silicone coated both sides (impregnated)
    Hydrostatic Head (i.e. waterproof rating) >3000 mm
    Full Specs Click HERE

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Mountain Fabrics

We absolutely love the Mountain fabrics, both the Silnylon and the uncoated breathable versions. They are light yet very strong and durable. In fact we have been surprised by how tough they are. Highly recommend them !!

Awesome Service As Always

Everything showed up quickly as always! Some of the fabric wasn't cut quite square like it normally is but it was decent. The new 1.1 oz mountain Silnylon is pretty cool stuff. Larger grid than the normal 1.1oz and it does feel as though the coating is a little thicker. Doesn't seem to stretch as much as the normal 1.1oz.

Truly the finest silnylon

Based on a quick comparison by hand, the strength/weight ratio in this seems to outshine every other similar product.

My piece had the edges cut quite uneven. Didn't really affect me since I hemmed the edges, but could be a problem to someone else.

1.1 oz MTN Silnylon 6.6 XL

Great product, great customer service!

Thanks, John, for the feedback.! Feel free to send us an email with any questions. Thanks again.

We used the ripstop to design our multi-function wearable, tarp, ground cover masterpieces and this was perfect. To sew, I used someone's idea of glue sticks to hold the hems and that was great. My regular machine and needle and stitch had zero problems sewing this fabric.

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