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MYOG HyperD 300 Backpack

I've always thought quilts were the holy grail of DIY, but now that I look at this pack, I realize I'm mistaken. The amount of planning, sewing skill, and effort that went into this MYOG submitted by Ryan is astounding.But who better to tell you about it than the man himself:

"First, I wanted to say thanks for supporting DIY. I thought you might like to see what came of the HyperD 300 I purchased from you recently. I turned it into a mighty fine DIY pack, if I do say so myself ;). I took the idea of the ArcBlast from Zpacks and made my own. Carbon fiber frame tensioned with line-locs and a backmesh panel. This fabric is amazing. Easy to work with, great color, and tough. Thanks for the innovation in DIY fabric. DIYers need a guy like you to keep pushing the envelope so fabrics like this are available to us at a reasonable cost. Keep up the great work. Can't wait to see whats next!!"

Congrats on all your hard work Ryan! Your pack looks amazing and you've earned the DIY gold star . Thanks so much for submitting and taking the time to share all the details with us. 


How do I make it? 

This pack was constructed using information from all of the following sources. These do not detail the frame attachments, but everything else is pretty much there:
Xtrekkers DIY pack series - Instructional video series by Dave Xtrekker.
DIY ArcBlast on BPL - MYOG forum on Backpacking Light.
ArcBlast Conversion on BPL - MYOG forum on Backpacking Light.