Customer Project: Toddler Camp Chair

by John

Here are the directions for my Toddler Camp Chair project. I attached photos and a diagram for the cuts.

Project: Toddler Camp Chair

Background: My wife and I take our daughter camping and we only had two camp chairs. We needed another one, but I couldn’t find a toddler sized chair that was packable and durable.

Customer Project: Toddler Camp Chair
Customer Project: Toddler Camp Chair
Customer Project: Toddler Camp Chair


HyperD 300 - 1 yard
1” flat webbing - Black - 3 yards
1” Buckles - 4
18”x30” EVA closed cell foam
1” aluminum flat bar for stays - 4 feet (I also wrapped it in webbing so they wouldn’t tear through the fabric)

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How do I make it?

Sew all of the fabric together with 12” lengths of webbing for the straps. The shorter pieces of fabric should be folded under to hold the stays and foam in place once the chair is turned right side out.

There are narrow pieces of foam with stays on the outer edge of the chair. Insert them before sewing up each of the sides. The fold in the fabric will hold them in place.

Cut a piece of foam for the center of the chair and insert it.

Attach the 1” buckles to the webbing.