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Customer Project: The Fruit Salad Sleeping Bag - 20F Apex Insulation

by MuffinOutdoors

  • I made a sleeping bag for my friend @ryaniamie He's a talented photographer and took the photos for me. He picked the fruit salad colours and wanted a sleeping bag that will be warm around 30 F (0 C), synthetic, roomier than a mummy, but lightweight where possible. The bag uses two layers on the top, sides, hood and footbox of 2.5 + 3.6 Oz Climashield Apex insulation. The back is only 2.5 Oz, saving a bit of weight. Features include: baffled zip, secondary shoulder baffle with adjustable shock cord, adjustable hood as normal, Kam snaps to secure the shoulder baffle and zip closure, inside envelope pocket, just as eye-bleachy stuff sack hah! Really happy with the materials, quality and shipping from RSBTR. My friend loves it and he gets lifetime repairs with me :) Final weight of only 34 Oz (960 grams) for a 20 F bag is pretty decent I think.