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Customer Project: 1.7 MTN XL Dark Olive Netless Hammock

by Chris P.

  • I have completed my 11+ foot gathered-end hammock project made with materials and components from RBTR. I could not be more happy with the results!This DIY venture began after I spent close to $140 on a well-known store brand of hammock with daisy chain / carabiner suspension. I thought I was happy with the initial purchase and then began reading the opinions of backpackers on http://hammockforums.net/ who were actually sleeping in their hammocks while thru-hiking. That is when I realized that an 9'-10’ hammock might not be ideal for attaining the most comfortable and flat position.

    I initially heard about RBTR through some of the discussions on the forum and decided to take a look at what was being offered. Needless to say, I was delighted by what I found on the site. That is also when I discovered that I could make my own hammock, custom-select the materials and suspension, and cut the weight and cost by around 50%. That includes the cost of having a seamstress do the hems for me on the hammock.