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Customer Project: Modified Quilt

by BroadFork Bags

  • I wanted an extra insulation layer for winter car camping and just hanging on the couch. The theory was a reverse Snuggie, basically a foot pod that could quickly and easily be made flat if needed. This is a variation of the front country quilt. Length is my full height + 18”.  Top width is 56” and starts to taper down to 44” width at 36” from the bottom. I sewed in a D ring on the bottom center and a mitten hook 36” up on either side that attach to the D ring to form the foot pod.  I sewed in 2 additional mitten hooks 48” from the bottom that clip to each other to increase the height of the wrap. I went with mitten hooks rather than the side release buckled as I though they were overkill plus I needed a 3 piece connection. Bear tip is pin next paper wrapping bags he seam before sewing so the presser foot doesn’t get caught on the insulation and easily tears off. This project was less than hour total and gets used every day