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Customer Project: Crimson Winter Topquilt

by Ken

  • 10F tapered winter topquilt.  78" x 54" (54" at top 42" at bottom) 

    Made with 1.1 calendered ripstop nylon, 3.5" noseeum baffle material and about 1.5 pounds of down.

    There were a lot of things that I need to figure out along the way:
    1.  tapering the footbox, differential baffles and a separate piece of fabric made the construction of the outside fabric and attachment much more difficult and needed lots of math calculations and experiments to make it work.
    2. Differential baffles (4" inside and 4.75" outside) requires some kind of pleats to make it work.  
    3. Outer-most baffles required additional fabric width.  I probably pinned the edges about 4 or 5 times until it worked.
    4. The prongs for the Kam snaps work fine on the edges but don't hold when going through 2 layers of grosgrain and 4 layers of 1.1 ripstop.  Needed to find then order a package of Kam snaps with long prongs.