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Customer Project: 2 season Synthetic Top Quilt

by Bruce Walk

  • I wanted a summer/early fall light weight quilt for use on the trail or for use in camping out on floors while traveling. I also wanted it to lay flat so it can be a wrap-around-blanket, not have any zippers or velcro for weight or scratchiness, but still be able to have a foot well for use with a sleeping pad when desired. The foot well is achieved by putting webbing 'belt loops' along the bottom at 8 in. internals and using a webbing belt to cinch it into a foot box. There are also 4 loops on both sides to tie together to have the bottom 1/3 conform to the shape of a sleeping pad. 
    Finished size is 78" long by 56" wide, weight is 21 oz.

    So far, its performing well, is comfortably light and unrestrictive to sleep under and has been warm to approximately 50F to date.

    pictures: 1) view of the top with a sleeping pad 2) laid out flat 3) view of the bottom with foot box and ties in place