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Customer Project: 3 season Synthetic top quilt

by Bronwyn

  • I made this synthetic top quilt as a Christmas gift for 8yo DS. I wanted to make a synthetic quilt as it is easier to wash in case of "accidents".
    DS chose the colours to be green on the outside and yellow on the inside. When the fabric arrived he said the yellow wasn't quite what he expected and was hoping for something not quite as bright.
    The shell fabric worked out to be 2m long so completed quilt is 74" long by 57" wide tapering to 42" at base.
    Weight is 700g and it fits neatly into an 8L stuffsack.
    Hoping for 5 years of use by which time DS8 will have outgrown it! He is very pleased with it and It will get its first outing over this New Year holiday.